What started as a hobby in 1978 became a full time business in 1984  serving the hardcore racing and performance oriented "Z CAR FREAK" . We manufacture most of the items on these pages and our products are sold world-wide. Many of these items are our original design as well such as the brake kits, A-arms, cast aluminum oil pan, suspension kits, etc.

 We assume that our customers have substantial knowledge about their particular car and have the tools necessary to install our products, i.e. socket sets,  electric drills, grinders, air impacts etc. If you have technical questions we will be happy to answer them and give you technical support on our products . However, please call with your questions as time constraints rarely allow us to answer long E-mails . Please call before you order to verify availability , application and current price as all prices and specifications in these pages are subject to change.

 If you're looking for just the right floor mat that doesn't bunch up under your toes, or cheap home made
junk, then you're in the wrong place. If you're interested in awesome performance increases in the cornering, braking, and acceleration of your racing Z, we appreciate you looking at the products we have to offer.
 Dave Epstein
 Arizona Z Car Inc.

PLEASE READ: Due to the intended use of the parts in this catalog, they are sold as is and without any warranty whatsoever. We will make a reasonable effort to correct defects  in parts that we sell but your inability to correctly install a part does not constitute a defect in that part.

We accept Visa , Mastercard, Paypal, Money order, Wire transfer.
Please call (480) 844-9677 to verify price and availability before you order.

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